Starting an LLC is easy. You file articles of organization or a similar document with your secretary of state’s office.

Each state has its own unique LLC formation requirements.

Your LLC can be formed completely online from your smartphone.

Does Getting An LLC Cost Money?


The cost varies from state to state. Generally, it costs $100 to $300 (some states are higher) if you do all the work yourself. Most of the cost is the fee to file your articles of organization.

This is not a one-time fee, so expect to pay this yearly to keep your business LLC active.

Where Do I Get To Get My LLC?

You can hire someone to file for you, or you can do it yourself.

There are many places you can file, but we suggest


You can file an LLC in any state for free using their free filing option.

Throughout the process on IncFile, you will be offered upsales.  Skip the “extras” including the EIN, you will do that later, for FREE.

The only option we suggest you choose is the BUSINESS ADDRESS.


You will need a real business address when getting approved for the following:

  • Getting a merchant account
  • Establishing business credit
  • Financing options

Also, you DO NOT want your home address as a public record and available for easy access to your clients and following.

Expect to pay around $30 per month for your business address.

If you choose to bypass the business address, please understand in the future when you want to change your LLC address, you will need to request it.

The change will take several weeks.

Once you receive your LLC paperwork – select the digital option for FREE, you will then go to your state website for your EIN number.

An EIN number is FREE, DO NOT pay for EIN creation.

Lastly, once you become an LLC, and get an EIN, watch out for your mailbox.

Soon after formation, you will start receiving letters that appear official, asking for money.

They will present a bill, claiming you owe additional money as a business owner to the state.  This is deceptive marketing.  Unless it’s from a government website – always check their domain, you DO NOT owe any money at all.